[Best] Short Facebook status video (create)

Short Facebook Status Video Create

Nowadays we see many cool and 1-3 min short videos on Facebook, It calls Facebook status most of the people like and love these types of videos. These are different types of Facebook status like for love, fanny Facebook status or relationship status, etc. Would have been nice if we could make it to, so today we will share how to create Facebook status and attract your friend on social media
Before we share how it make fast know which application you need.
First, install any of that video editor app. Like - Kinemaster, VivaVideo, and Music Video Mekar, (any one app) Available on Google Play Store.And the most important Vimage app for make live images.

Now you need to create normal image into a live image for create facebook status that why you used vimage, so after open Vimage you see this type interface now. 
Just click green icon and add your image like this after this add affect as your wish and now its convert into a live image. 
Always try to create prefect live image to choose right effect like that.
Now convert your facebook status picture into a video format and for best result on all of those options.
After create video open your video editor I personally use Kinramaster so I open it, we add music & recent create Vimage video for make facebook status.
Add you recent make Vimage videos on timeline and set right and perfect place now choose music what you like to add on your facebook status video here you will see 4 options Media Browser, Audio, Voice and laye open music and add you musicI add any random music and cut music how much you need.
You can also add some of text for makes effective Facebook status video.
So whatever now we generate our Facebook status videos from Kinemaster app and share on internet.
Facebook status video famous topic today even many people make money to create Facebook status video channels on Youtube, you can make a Facebook status video page on your Facebook account also.