YouTube Video to Text Converter

Convert YouTube video to text without any Website

You don’t need any application or website to convert your YouTube video in text, here we share 3 easy methods with you, all of the methods you can do with your mobile also if any problem you can face then please visit our Facebook page.

YouTube to Text first Method

This method only works for subtitle added videos, so it also needs to understand how to know which videos are sub-title added videos before you apply this, first find a video base on your topic and try this method and you also need this code so after read full method then do it. “your youtube video code”

Example –

Video – Code I5zGYU0wKs

 YouTube to text Method

Step 1
As an example I need a video base on a mobile phone, then I find on YouTube like that mobile phone video with sub-title and you see this “CC” logo in the corner of videos, so here I can choose any video. 

Step 2
Now open this video and copy this code, you can also copy as click share icon on a mobile phone after copy just past any notepad or your mobile memo. Just cut the video code like this and past in with our provided code on the browser search box and press enter, for better results always use Chrome. "qfjtgDvcZ08"

After press enter, you need to copy whole text, for computer user press right-clicks on the mouse, or if you use mobile just select all and copy this page and save yours as a “dot HTML” file.

after copy all this code or text you just past it on any text editor file or save this page as Html format.

Now open your Html files any file create an application like WPS Office or Notepad 

Open it and edit as much you need. For better result, you read full article and fine or solved all those mistakes that are it...